Comic Books – A Novel Tool to Educate Children


Educating parents on children’s healthy lifestyle behaviors is important. However, little information on this topic is directly targeted towards children, particularly in the clinical setting. Anecdotally, and based on our PROP (Primary care Resources for Obesity in Pediatrics) study, the majority of tools and resources were targeted towards parents (vs. children), and had a readability level that far surpassed most children’s (<12 years) literacy levels.

As such, directly communicating information on this topic to children is a priority. However, this task requires special attention to account for children’s developmental maturity, literacy levels, and interest in the topic. In a recent publication, the authors discuss how a novel tool – the comic book – can be applied to help prevent obesity in children. The authors, formally trained in librarian science, worked alongside content experts and illustrators to produce a total of 500 books that were distributed to local public libraries and pediatric clinics and hospitals.

The process of development as well as lessons learned from developing this novel tool, can be found here: Tarver et al., 2016


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