Weight Screening @ the Dentist

child-teen-healthdental-informationWe know from the literature that pediatricians face a number of barriers to routine measurement and monitoring of children’s weight status at their yearly well-visit.

In a recent paper, the authors propose children’s weight screening at the dental office to improve healthy behaviors. In this setting, oral health care professionals can measure children’s height and weight, communicate their weight status to parents, and refer patients to appropriate care (i.e., registered dietitian), if necessary.

Although this setting may be well-aligned for screening children’s weight status (e.g., 60-minute appointments, fewer acute health issues to be addressed), I’m unsure if communication of children’s unhealthy weight status (i.e., overweight, obese) would be adequately supported given it’s complex, chronic, and emotionally-laden status.

Ziegler and Hughes, 2015


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