Parents’ Priorities & Awareness of Children’s Weights

Last week I blogged about the sizable portion of parents of overweight and obese children who inaccurately perceive their child’s weight status.

growth chartIn a recent study published in Academic Pediatrics, Turer et al., 2015 note that parents who are and are not aware of their child’s overweight status tend to disagree in terms of weight-management strategies used in primary care. Parents who are aware and agree their child is overweight prioritize (i) checking for children’s weight-related problems, (ii) reviewing children’s growth charts, and (iii) recommending dietary changes. Conversely, parents who disagree that their overweight child is not overweight value changes regarding how overweight is assessed, and they tend to place less significance on reviewing children’s growth chart at the doctor’s office.

Anecdotally, my experience at the Allin Clinic is well-aligned with these findings; a number of parents with children classified as overweight have approached me after participating in RIPPLE, many who have openly expressed their contempt towards growth charts because they perceive them to be inaccurate.


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