What’s New?

A few note-worthy items to report!

1. After responding to the reviewers’ comments, our manuscript on phases I (development) and II (refinement using focus groups) of RIPPLE was accepted for publication today in the journal of Telemedicine and e-Health. Stay tuned for the publication!

2. We’re still making great progress on recruiting parents for phase III (testing) of RIPPLE. We started recruitment exactly a month ago today, and currently we have 154 enrolled parents. As you know, one of the aims of RIPPLE is to connect parents with community resources and handouts to facilitate the prevention of obesity in children. So far, the top three are: (i) meeting with a kinesologist at the Allin Clinic, (ii) healthy snacking handout, and (iii) tips for healthy sleeping handout.

3. In an interesting study I came across today, researchers examined if the optimism bias (i.e., the tendency to overestimate positive events in the future) influenced parents’ predictions of children’s future health risks related to obesity. Interestingly, 93% of parents said that a typical child who is overweight in childhood would likely be overweight in adulthood; however, parents were 33 times less likely to make this same prediction when it concerned their own child. I foresee researchers will continue to study this “not my child” phenomenon over the coming years.


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