Research Updates

Pupil progressAlthough I was away for a few days last week, there are still research updates to report!

1. Friday was an extremely busy day for recruitment – I camped out in the Allin clinic waiting room from 9:00 – 4:30pm and recruited a total of 26 parents! This brings us to a current total of 107… we are more than halfway there!

2. Last month, we submitted our manuscript on phases I&II of RIPPLE to the journal, Telemedicine and e-Health, and based on what was one of the quickest peer-reviews I’ve ever experienced, our manuscript was recently accepted with major revisions. So far the majority of comments have been straightforward to address; we anticipate to resubmit this manuscript before the end of August.

3. Although unrelated to RIPPLE, a couple of summers ago, I helped with a pilot study for the RMI-Family project. This study, which tested the newly developed readiness and motivation interview with 11 families enrolled in pediatric weight management, was recently published (Geller et al., 2015) in the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research.


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