Preventing Obesity in Children

http___ac.els-cdn.com_S0031395515000851_1-s2.0-S0031395515000851-mainIn a recent narrative review, Skelton and colleagues* reported various risk factors for obesity in children. Although most of the content is not particularly novel (i.e., the risk factors of childhood obesity are complex; multiple factors [i.e., child-, family-, community-level factors] impact risk), I’m surprised by the number of people who tell me children simply need to “eat less and move more” – a rationalization that is not aligned with the evidence. If you’re not convinced this solution is faulty, I encourage you to review the various multi-level factors associated with childhood obesity – some that at the surface have little to do with nutrition or physical activity.

*Brown CL, Halvorson EE, Cohen HM, Lazorick S, Skelton JA. Addressing childhood obesity: Opportunities for prevention. Pediatr Clin N Am 2015; Epub ahead of print.


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