Finding Images: A Difficult Task

Child Playing 1Yesterday, a colleague asked me for advice regarding where and how to find non-stigmatizing images of children with overweight and obesity… turns out, it’s not an easy task.

Although there are a few resources that come to mind (i.e., the Canadian Obesity Network, Yale Rudd Center), the overall quality and quantity of images to suit this need are sparse. This is further highlighted with a simple search: ‘children playing’ on Shutterstock (where we purchased images from for RIPPLE; select images in post) yields over 500 000 images of happy and playful physically active children, and the search for ‘overweight children playing’ or ‘big children being active’ yields <5000 images, most of which are Children Runningunhappy children being bullied, teased, or left out, or eating voraciously on the couch.

Any suggestions regarding where to find better pics… please let me know!



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