The Academic Blog

Researchers and trainees have followed leaders in the field (e.g., Drs Freedhoff & Sharma) by communicating academic content on research blogs, a novel and informal means of knowledge translation. As I personally subscribe to more and more academically-oriented blogs, I’ve become more selective in choosing which ones I read on a daily basis, and I’ve noticed a couple of emerging patterns:

1. Blog length is inversely correlated to my desire to read. Although I don’t doubt the quality of longer posts, the justification of ‘delete’ is more tempting when you’re faced with a ten-minute time commitment. This leads me to post-it-notes-and-pins-fd984question the length of academic papers…

2. The power of aesthetics is not to be undermined. Components such as color, formatting, imagery, and typography are essential, particularly if you want to grab and sustain the attention of a non-academic audience who is not accustomed to the traditional black-and-white manuscript.


One thought on “The Academic Blog

  1. I have been finding myself listening to more podcasts lately. Similar to your blog length point, the committment of listening to a 10-20 minute podcast on my 20 minute walk everyday is very minimal. Furthermore, I have been finding that many journals (i.e., American Journal of Preventive Medicine, JAMA, The Lancet) produce a monthly highlight of their issue which can be very interesting.

    I would love to hear any suggestions for blogs/podcasts you may have.

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