Multi-level Interventions

pyramid-selling-scamInterested friends and family members often ask me how we can eradicate childhood obesity (arguably not an easy question to answer, particularly for a trainee, like myself). Although I don’t typically lead with “multi-level interventions”, I do feel there is merit to discussing this approach.

In a recent paper, authors tested the feasibility of a multi-level intervention to manage adolescent obesity in primary care. Interventions included the incorporation of office-support systems (e.g., automatic screening of adolescent’s BMI), individual clinician counselling on healthy lifestyle behaviors, and group-based nutrition sessions. Pilot testing with 22 adolescents demonstrated the multiple interventions were feasible, as gauged by the frequency of intervention steps taken (e.g., discussion of adolescent’s BMI, scheduling of follow-up visits, referral to other resources).

This marks an important step toward pediatric obesity management in a setting that many families access on a routine basis; although the “does it work?” remains unknown at this point, the established feasibility lays the foundation for future research.


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