Presentations on the Horizon!

3D-Man-Presenting-Intro-ImageIt’s rewarding to know that not only we think the RIPPLE study is cool, but others do as well! Over the next two months, findings from Phase I (development) and Phase II (refinement) have been accepted for presentation at two national-level gatherings:

(1) April 30: Oral presentation at the 4th annual Canadian Obesity Summit in Toronto, ON.

(2) June 2 & 3: Poster presentation at the 28th annual Canadian Student Health Research Forum hosted by the University of Manitoba.

As for future submission plans:

(1) Summer 2015: We plan to submit our manuscript highlighting Phase I and II of the RIPPLE project to the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

(2) Fall 2015: We plan to submit findings from a related project (called PROP; Pediatric Resources for Obesity in Pediatrics, which is a mixed methods study that (i) explores primary care providers’ use of tools and resources (e.g., Canada’s Food Guide) and (ii) evaluates the type and quality of commonly-used tools and resources for childhood obesity prevention in primary care) to Obesity Week in Los Angeles, California.


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