The Holidays

October 13, 2014 (old blog)

In Canada it’s the Thanksgiving holiday this weekend – a time to spend with family and eat copious amounts of turkey.

One question parents of overweight children likely bring to health professionals is, “how do we manage the holidays and special occasions like Halloween and birthdays?”

For the majority of parents, I don’t think these events are associated with the stress of monitoring children’s dietary intake, but this is likely the reality for many parents of overweight and obese children. By no means is it fair to disallow children from participating in the festivities, but as we all know they are infrequently a ‘one-day’ occurrence; Thanksgiving merges into Halloween who’s treats can last past Christmas. Before you know it, it’s Valentine’s day and then Easter.

How can we help parents to find a happy medium between encouraging children to enjoy themselves (as children should!) and overindulgence? …Tools? Resources? Given the frequency of festivities and special occasions, particularly for large families, I can see some sort of online program on the horizon; parents enter the date and BOOM, an array of information in the form of handouts and resources are provided to help parents cope with the next upcoming event or holiday.

… Gobble gobble 🙂



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