Clicking as a Proxy of Participation

June 30, 2014 (old blog)

RIPPLE will deliver a brief intervention and collect data at baseline, and then follow-up with parents at 1-month via an email survey. This survey will be used to assess if parents have used or intend to use the information about community services and resources that was provided to them at baseline. Unfortunately, we know from the literature that some parents are unlikely to participate in this online survey.

Apart from the proportion of parents who do participate in the survey, how can we assess the actions and/or intentions of the remaining participants?

Thankfully, the intervention development company we are working with, Evolution Health Systems, will allow us to use ‘clicking’ as a proxy of participation. In other words, we can evaluate if parents have accessed specific information we provide by assessing their clicking behaviour. Although we likely won’t be able to draw the same conclusions about this group in comparison to those who fill out the survey, we’ll be able to make tentative assumptions using this measure as a proxy of actual participation.


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