RIPPLE: Project Complete!

Untitled.pngOver the past four years, our integrated team of researchers (University of Alberta), clinicians and administrators (Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network), and stakeholders (Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta) collaborated to develop, refine, and pilot test an eHealth intervention to help parents prevent childhood obesity in primary care.

With gratitude to our generous funding from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions and the Public Health Agency of Canada, we covered a lot of ground over a short period of time:

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Reflections on Framing

framingRecently, I attended a fellow student’s mock seminar on engagement in pediatric weight management. Based on this presentation, discussion ensued regarding how to define the concept of engagement…. should we characterize it based on what it is (i.e., actions performed that benefit the individual or others) or what it isn’t (e.g., not initiating treatment)?

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